Part 1: BC, or Before Caroline

Sitting near Gate 7 of Mineta International Airport there is nothing better to do than to spend my time beside a hot cup of coffee, doing nothing but looking at the phone for stock quotes and taking small sips of aromatic brew as I peruse the Internet and dabble my fingers in the latest breaking news in the business world. All this would be wonderful except this is not what I’m doing, in front of me isn’t articles about the latest opinions from economists about the state of the oil market or something I would truly enjoy, but a picture of a beautiful adolescent girl wearing a smile that would light up a dark room posing for her prom photo. You might think that staring at the face of a pretty young lady is better than reading any old boring article, but soon when you learn about my tortured history with her you will come to discover why I both dread and anticipate the events that will quickly unfold in about an hour or two. Continue reading


The Maddening Genesis of a 150,000 Word Novel

A long time ago I wrote a few novels and posted them onto the Internet. It was sometime around the turn of the Millennium, none of the major social media websites existed, and blogging was a nascent phenomenon. Since I already had a Yahoo email account I had a free Geocities site to put any material on*, therefore I used it as a platform for my novels. There wasn’t any way I could promote my novels outside my circle of close friends, and the only way I tried to raise the profile of my work was to get involved with a web-ring** of writers who were also posting their novels on the Internet. In any case at that time I was preoccupied with more pressing matters, such as actually writing the novel itself, along with home work (I was a high school student at that time).

But after graduating from high school, life became much more hectic and work on my novels became sporadic. I stopped uploading my novels but Continue reading