Poetry Friday: Love, Morning, Sleep is Medicine… #poem


Is love

A warmth in your heart?
A soft touch on your arm?
A smile while being embraced?
Illusion and mirage?
Or all of the above?

Northern Wind

Northern wind above me roars
Branches sway in rhythmic dance
My frigid ears fill with a chorus
Of quaking leaves and whooshing air


Morning with her tender light
Nudges me from sleep
Beckoning with the calls of birds
I rise from deep repose
To seize the day

Sleep is Medicine

Sleep is medicine; it heals our tired bodies at the end of the day.
Dreaming is like LSD; it inspires and haunts us with fantastic visions.

World of Gray

Beneath a blanket of smoky clouds
The din of workers pulse through streets

In a place
Neither night nor day
They labor in a world of gray


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