Honest Titles For TV Shows and Movies

Have you ever noticed that some television shows or movie have secretly very dark premises? Here are some alternate titles I created for popular (or once popular) television shows.

  • Children Practice Animal-Baiting with Mutant Monstrosities (Pokemon)
  • Underage Teenage Soldiers Fight Monsters from Outer Space (Power Rangers)
  • Underage Teenage Soldiers Fight Supernatural Monsters (Sailor Moon)
  • Widower Raises Girls with Former Delinquent and Goofy Man-Child (Full House)
  • Black Nerd Who Gets Constantly Bullied but Remains Cheerful for No Reason (Family Matters)
  • Moronic Buffoon Runs a Nuclear Plant (The Simpsons)
  • Children Who Fight Evil while Surrounded by Adults Who are Too Powerless or Corrupt to Help (Harry Potter)
  • Child Who Has to Deal with the Traumatic Loss of a Parent (Bambi)
  • Child Seeks Revenge for the Murder of a Parent (Lion King)
  • Teenagers Forced to Fight for Survival (The Hunger Games)

I think I could come up with more but this is the list for the moment.


2 thoughts on “Honest Titles For TV Shows and Movies

  1. Maybe you are kinda dark! (I’ve read your writing, like the slow motion train accident, that memory still tickles me!) I like your takes on those shows. You hit some bullseyes.

    I always saw Pokemon as gladiator slavery: trap intelligent animals in a little stuffy prison cell, and let them out for a couple of minutes once in a while only to fight, like a prisoner in solitary confinement being let out for a few minutes a day to beat up or get beat up by other prisoners. With Sailor Moon, I wonder about the main sailor having blonde hair (I put that in my Kittygirl story after critiquers pointed out that Kittygirl liked Holly’s hair).


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