I Walk a Trail

I walk a trail watered by a rain of tears
Underneath the gray and gloomy sky
With the sun as my light and the moon as my guide
And a fierce wind helping me from behind

Treading through the inhuman cold
With nothing but a warm heart inside
Moving courage and blood through my veins

The pain in my knees I fear not
The hunger in my stomach I feel not
“Forward” is the only direction I know
Wherever I go I always find home

Sleeping beneath the rain and dew
Nourished by whatever nature brings
Needing no excess, my body is pure
Wanting no excess, my mind is clear

Going higher through the foggy hills
Going higher through the thick green woods
Across the streams wild beyond restraint
Through the valleys blooming in blue

Through the gloom of a desperate world
I forge a trail through a world of tears


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