Beyond Good and Evil

How far have the stars fallen
into a bottomless pit of ignominy
Who will we raise back up to the sky
to be the better angels of ourselves?

In a world beyond good and evil
Neither Gabriel nor Satan
can fill the void

Illusions conjured by electronic gods
fill empty men and vacuous women
with sound and fury
And glowing ghosts of a haunted past

In a frustrated, exasperated world
Do we deserve more than insults and venom?

See the beauty
Not the rage
Face the day with pride
Retreat to a night serene

After the Storm

The golden sun hangs in the sky
Casting a warm hue over empty streets
Shrouds of clouds glow in a silver sky
Warms the trees, bees and bushes beneath

Enduring through the cold of night
Songbirds revive the life of day
Gentle and soft blows a languid breeze
After stormy rains swept through restless streets


Heavy with the burdens of day
Heavy with eyelids drooping like soft clay
heavy — heavy — heavy

Thoughts heavy with concerns on my mind
Thoughts that reach beyond space and time

Persistent calls from my superior
Weigh like bags of sand on my interior

Laying on a bed, pinned by obligations
Not even the breath to express frustration

Just the weight of another day
Tomorrow I rise like a Phoenix
from the hay

The Light in the Night

I gaze into the lonely light
A soft, bright spot in the uncaring night
Aloof beneath a sleeping sky
The sound of wind fills the dark with fright

The rain and wind chills the town below
The grinding of windmill gears chills my soul
In lonesome repose I stare at the light
My spot of warmth in the forlorn void

The Flood

Ragged clouds float across the windy sky
Tear through the town with ceaseless rain
Torrents washed down muddy plains
Filled a river three men high

Carving streets at a furious pace
Like a muddy serpent chasing prey
Both minds and river banks fray
Wondering if men or water will win the race

Anxious eyes gawk the seething flood
Fearful of rolling waters and churning mud
A proud town laid humbly low
By an angry river’s turbid flow

Two days after the flood has left
The only marks are on walls and grass
The silent calm on peaceful streets
Belie the rage-filled river beneath cozy homes