Live in the Ocean

Let’s play in the ocean
And frolic in the surf
Swim off to the distance
Into the vast unknown

Let’s be fish together
And roam the restless seas
Ride the salty currents
Living wild and free

No rent, no mortgage,
No slaving for a loan
We have the great vast ocean
As a place to call our home

Let’s go back to the water
and be cradled by the waves
Living like our ancestors
As children of the sea

Formidable Tree

I am a formidable tree
that withstood ten thousand
battering storms
and yet still stands
reaching out with limbs
to touch the sky

I breathe the alpine air
and drink the dew
of the morning mist
With the power of nature
I become as strong as the mountains
as powerful as the wind

Aiming toward the sky
a living tower piercing the clouds
I fill the sky with birds
the ground with squirrels
the soil with fertility
and the future with life

Watching the twinkle of countless stars
Listening to songs of innumerable birds
I study the encyclopedia of nature
at the university of the great outdoors
And gain the wisdom
of two thousand years

I am a living book
writing the history of earth
in solid wood
My enigmatic rings
a store of knowledge
for eons to come