A Soul in Darkness

My dreams are like a bird
Soaring on blithe wings
Trying to touch the sky

My hope is like a star
Bright as a hundred suns
Lighting my dark nights

My heart is like a gaping hole
Open to the world
Waiting to be filled

My voice is like a cricket
Chirping into the deep void
Of a vast empty wilderness

My soul is like a flame
Flickering in the night
Fighting against
Getting extinguished by the cold

My life is like a storm
Full of thunder and fury
Fading quickly away into eerie calm

Tabula rasa

My life is a tabula rasa
I yearn to be written into existence
Scribble all your ambitions
Your most grandiose and ill-informed

Stretch me to the breaking point
With all your unrealistic goals
My soul is for yours to mold
I am but Play-Doh in your hands

My eyes are yours, my ears are yours
Fill them up with your endless needs
Let me take them at your discretion
I’ll follow every truth and contradiction

I am nothing, my life is yours
You are the maker, I am your tool