The Great Beyond

The stars live beyond any known horizon
So far in the distance as to be infinite
Appearing as pearls in the sky
Only showing apparitions of their true selves

Each a gargantuan ball of nuclear fire
Wreathed by rings of burnished rocks
Drifting through an icy void

Are we not a faint twinkling star
In some dark alien night?
A deserted landscape of craters
With a lonely living marble too faint to see

What living planets must thrive in the great beyond!
Worlds with lakes, land and waterfall
With forests and oceans
With animals watching through telescopes
Wondering if there are beings like them
Out in the great beyond

In this vast universe
The familiar is alien
The alien is familiar


Do Clocks Speak?

Do airplanes speak to birds
With the rumble of their engines?
Do clocks speak to one another
By the secret language of ticks?

If microwaves can talk
What would they say?
Will they want to be set free
and play in the light of day?

Do computers laugh at us
For all the mistakes we make?
What hilarity must they find in us
Hidden beneath the binary

The Secret Forest

Through showers of blossoms
Waking in a spring day
Roam and follow yellow beams
in a drunken dance

swaying through enchanted forests
Harmonize in the singing of atoms

Everything speaks
in a voice
too soft to decipher
Hear the scintillating whisper
Secrets of restful peace

Fairies, cherries and blithe pixies
Flowery nymphs in Elysian fields
Follow them into perfumed dreams

The Digital Religion

A black screen glows
A kaleidoscope of images and sounds pours forth
A new religion is born

A church built of electrons
sitting in the clouds
floating on fibers of light

What dedicated worshipers sit
in silent meditation
Rapturous gaze at holy icons

Minds meld across the electronic aether
Adrift in collective trance
A digital nirvana

No greater god existed
than the gods of glass and silicon
Cradled in our hands

Take a picture of yourself
Post it
You are now a god

Followed by image-worshipers
from here to the ends of the earth

We are all gods in a sea of gods
Electronic souls raptured into a silicon heaven

Mid-air Dreams

Mid-air is where dreams dwell
dreams that dare not see the sun
for they fear oblivion

The dark conjure air to whirl through the void
Moaning through the night in their endless melancholy
Whisking dreams through the air like a blind albatross

Crossing the channel between twilight and moon-glow
Riding a dreamy pillow of clouds
Adrift in the aether going nowhere

Cynical fools roam the dark
Preying on homeless dreams of argonauts
Sailing a Netherworld of paper trinkets and perfume wine

A single dove and an olive branch behold the tragedy

Eclipse of the Spirit

I am a wandering saint roaming the universe
in search of a home made of pure obsidian
ready to reach the gold at the end of the rainbow.
Rain of pain constantly beat me down,
but the vast fields of indifference stare at me with lackluster faces,
lackadaisical arms flapping limply in the breeze.
What before, a clockwork universe, is now a swirl of chaos
buffeting me in every direction,
unaware of how to rejoin a with the festival of joy in men’s hearts.
The sun hides behind the moon in an ethereal ring of light,
casting night where it should be day.
What waters from beyond do wash the sins from our mind,
my head still remain untouched
with visions of sparrows singing their reverie
before their attacks on worms for the day.
Walking a lonely walk,
towards a rainbow where there is now none,
only guided by the stars twinkling in sun’s occluded light.


The universe is a masterpiece
Drawn by the hand of fate
Filled with spirals of light
Flowing with rivers of silver

What beauty lies on
The ripples of ponds
The chiseled faces of mountains
The rugged wrinkled bark of trees
The flamboyant colors of caterpillars

A gallery filled with dancing forms
performing with virtuosic skill
Filling minds with wild visions
Inflaming senses with reckless imagination