The Forgotten

The forgotten of the world come out at night
Looking for a home in the desolate darkness
They stroll like ghosts through empty streets
Only shadows appear where there used to be men

Shrinking into the dark with a friendly reply
Silhouetted against the glow of melancholy homes
Keeping company with the mistress of the night


When we enter into the dark
We also enter into ourselves
The mysterious void in caverns
Is also the frightening abyss in our minds

Demons that stalk us in the day
Pursue us into our dreams
What we cannot defeat in our wake
We continue to fight in nightmares

On the Wind

Surfing on a wave of wind cool and mild
What bliss was it to be born free and wild
Riding on a current with happy birds
Listening to their songs and cheerful words

Traveling in a world untrammeled and free
Beside a grain of pollen on a bee
In a world where humans look like ants
A single seed spans the earth’s expanse

Secrets of Love

Teach me all the dirty secrets of love
I am not a pure and chaste dove
You’re the master from which I’ll learn
Of the many ways there are to yearn

Touch me in all the right places
Make me gasp in your strong embraces
Open my body like a youthful frond
Our tender flesh will faithfully bond

Fluttering with the grace of butterflies
Ascend into heaven in gentle bliss

The Book of Nature

Nature writes its greatest mysteries
On the wings of butterflies
The riddles in the songs of birds
Are more baffling than Zeno’s paradoxes

There is more wisdom in a single flower
Than the books of all the ancient sages

Inscribed on
the veins of leaves
the dapples of stones
the jewels in the sky
Is the book of nature