Plunging into the Depths

Are you afraid of falling in the water?
Do you fear being lost in the deep?
Will you plunge into darkness
to explore the mysterious world beneath?

Are you ready to dive into your mind
and see what you are in the dark?
Will you be prepared
to encounter the demons in your abyss?

What will you say when you meet
the darkest part of your soul?
Will you swear to be his worst enemy
or make peace with your foe?

Are you intrigued
by the power in the bottomless depths?
Are you afraid of the
vast darkness underneath?

The Wild City

I take joy in
watching daisies growing wild
by the side of the road

The vibrance of
green shoots growing in
abandoned lots
brings a smile to my face

Doves fly
over the asphalt jungle
like the days before
man laid heavy hands
on the purity of nature

The dragonflies
still finds its oasis
in unkempt brambles
by a stream in the park

Keep the Fire Alive

Keep the fire alive
Through the darkness of the night
Feed the flames of hope
Pass it from candle to candle

Let the chain of lights
Guide your way to peace
Ignite the crackling campfire
To keep away the bitter cold

The fire will endure
Through this longest night of all
Fight the frightening darkness
With lanterns held high and tall

A Soul in Darkness

My dreams are like a bird
Soaring on blithe wings
Trying to touch the sky

My hope is like a star
Bright as a hundred suns
Lighting my dark nights

My heart is like a gaping hole
Open to the world
Waiting to be filled

My voice is like a cricket
Chirping into the deep void
Of a vast empty wilderness

My soul is like a flame
Flickering in the night
Fighting against
Getting extinguished by the cold

My life is like a storm
Full of thunder and fury
Fading quickly away into eerie calm

Tabula rasa

My life is a tabula rasa
I yearn to be written into existence
Scribble all your ambitions
Your most grandiose and ill-informed

Stretch me to the breaking point
With all your unrealistic goals
My soul is for yours to mold
I am but Play-Doh in your hands

My eyes are yours, my ears are yours
Fill them up with your endless needs
Let me take them at your discretion
I’ll follow every truth and contradiction

I am nothing, my life is yours
You are the maker, I am your tool

Dark Serenity

In a place of dark serenity
Haunted by an eternal twilight
Ghostly shadows of waves dance
Where I dwell down in the Deep

Falling in the primeval waters
Like a child returning to her mother
To hide from the world
Burning all around me

Only a silver shroud above for light
Where my only friends are shadows
I take tranquility in darkness
I take peace in solitude

For what wondrous embryos
Grow in these amniotic waters?
Formless luminescence try to be born
A light not yet properly formed

Only in the dark can I become the light
Only after dying can I be reborn

My Voice

I lost my voice
from the burden
of other people’s expectations

I found my voice
in the whisper
of the cold morning wind

I lost my voice
under the pressure
of performing in the spotlight

I found my voice
in the peaceful darkness
of the middle of the night

I lost my voice
in the hectic race
of earning a living

I found my voice
in the well of stillness
deep within me

I lost my voice
in the hundred sounds
of nattering critique

I found my voice
in the songs of birds
singing outside my window

I lost my voice
in the cold stares
of indifferent crowds

I found my voice
in the music
flowing within me

The patter of rain
The rustling of leaves
The whistle of wind
Is a balm for my tattered soul

Cave of Wisdom

Wisdom grows slowly
like a stalagmite
from the endless drip
of daily trivialities

The trickle of everyday minutiae
The infinitesimal details of life
Solidify year upon year
into a formidable pillar

deep in the mysterious
caverns of our minds
Standing as solid columns
supporting the basement of our thoughts

Unseen, unheard
the sleeping pillars
do their work at rest
in obscure silence

Live in the Ocean

Let’s play in the ocean
And frolic in the surf
Swim off to the distance
Into the vast unknown

Let’s be fish together
And roam the restless seas
Ride the salty currents
Living wild and free

No rent, no mortgage,
No slaving for a loan
We have the great vast ocean
As a place to call our home

Let’s go back to the water
and be cradled by the waves
Living like our ancestors
As children of the sea